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New at Trackdown

11 April 2017

Trackdown’s Simon Leadley Scoring Stage has recently invested in exciting upgrades!

We have installed an Avid/Euphonix S5, which can be configured for up to 96 inputs, 334 channels and the option of working as a control surface (via Eucon), a traditional console or both, simultaneously. Its sound has to be experienced! 

The Control Room monitoring has been upgraded to Neumann 7.1 featuring  3 x KH420 LCR, 4 x KH120 Surrounds and a KH 870 Lfe.

The Scoring Stage now boasts 24 Channels of Neve 1081R preamps (12 Blue Knob and 12 Red Knob), along with the 8 Channel Class A Millennia HV-3D, and 32 Raindirks, totalling 64 state of the art mic pres for tracking. Added to the signal path - a stereo pair of Empirical Lab EL8-X Distressors!

We have also recently added 2 x Neumann M147's and 2 x Coles 4038's to the microphone cabinet.

To book your next project contact Elaine Beckett on +61 2 8353 2765 or elaine@trackdown.com.au

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